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10 Simple But Wrongly Used Phrases

Chances are that you’ve come across some phrases and you’re not sure if they are correctly used.

Well, not to worry because I’ve compiled a list of ten phrases, often misused and their correct use.


  1. As at when due: This should rank at the top of wrong use of phrases by Nigeria. The right thing is: As and when due.


  1. First come, first serve: Mbok, I know you’re Nigeria and can kill for that Saturday owanbe jollof rice, but next time, tell that waiter if it would be shared on a “first come, first served”



  1. Wet your appetite: as you rightly know, it’s the rainy season and everywhere is wet, but my friend, they said I should remind you that it is “Whet your appetite.



  1. Bathed breathe: Actually, you’ll be wrong, using this. Baited breathe is the appropriate phrase. I don’t know when breathe started bathing.



  1. Wreck havoc: You wreak havoc.


  1. Prepare for the worse: You are definitely wrong if you’re using this. Prepare for the worst is the right phrase here.  



  1. I could care less. The right thing is I couldn’t care less.


  1. For all intensive purposes: This is actually for all intents and purpose.



  1. It takes two to tangle: The right phrase is: is it takes two to tango.


  1. Prostrate Cancer: Hmmm? Cancer that prostrate? Na! Actually, it is Prostate cancer.


Have you ever used any of the phrases, wrongly or rightly?  

Emmanuel Egobiambu
A creative writer, blogger.

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