Chances are that you use one of these words, oblivious that they are tautological in nature.

And redundant words, going by definition, are words that do not add anything to statement. Often, one word in a tautological or redundant statement may be all that is needed.

So, I’ve compiled 15 of the commonly used redundant words, proffering alternatives to them. I’m sure you are eager to know them; just come along with me and I’ll show you:

  1. Reverse back: I don’t know if someone can also “reverse front.” It’s a long journey for you to say “reverse back.” Spear yourself the stress and just use REVERSE.
  1. Fellow Colleague: Hmmm. When you say someone is a fellow, it means you already have a relationship with such person, especially in the work place. Your colleague is your fellow, don’t waste your words; there is no need to add “fellow” to “colleague.”  Just “colleague” will do the work.
  1. Stand Up: Really? Do people stand down? Simply use “stand” and you are good to go.
  2. Night Vigil: Vigils are always held at night. Don’t compound matters. “I went for a vigil” will do.
  3. From today henceforth: You’re better off saying “Henceforth”, “From today.”
  1. Extreme end : Use “extreme or end instead of the duo.
  2. Still yet: They are synonymous words and should be used in place of each other, not together.
  1. Dinner night: Are dinners eaten at noon? No. Rather use “dinner” and ignore the night.
  1. Bending Corner: A “bend” is a “corner.”
  2. Short Knickers: You call it “shorts”
  3. Funeral Service: Even the media has wrongly adopted this as the right phrase. This is tautology since a funeral is always a service.You’re better off with “funeral” instead of “Funeral Service.”
  1. Sit down: Better off as “sit.”
  2. Enter Inside”: Do you “enter outside before?” So, let it just be: “enter.”
  3. white teeth” Seriously? Maybe some people’s own are….
  4.  Over to you: You’ve got more? Shoot me!


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  1. Peaceful Soul. says:

    This is good. May your ink never run dry sir.

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      Thanks, bro!

  2. Francis Nwokike says:

    Nice one Emmanuel. Got to know about your new blog from Promise’s Facebook timeline and decided to take a look. It’s worth the time. Congrats. We learn everyday and I think your blog will solve a problem already ravaging the blogosphere. More ink to your pen.

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      Good to known that, Francis. Thanks for dropping by; would be nice to see you around again.

    2. Mitchell says:

      That’s great thinking!

  3. Nice one to see your blog launched. I will be happy to share my guest post here in you wish

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      Thank you, Ik. You’re most welcomed to share your posts here.

  4. Hi Immanuel,

    While I read through the post I did laugh like I’m on a ‘high cold transformer’ which forever remains safe. Believe.

    The points noted here are really imperative if communication must be done the right way. Thanks for the list.

    Well done Sir!

    ~ Prince.

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      It’s cool knowing that you found this useful. Do visit again for more of this.

      Thank you.

  5. Sola says:


    This is a great post.

    Especially, the sit down and the stand up part.

    I love this.

    I’m sure this is one of Promise Excel Work

    I am happy you broke the ice to give value.

    Kind regards.

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      Great to see you here, Sola. Promise Excel cannot be subtracted from this blog for sure.

      I appreciate your kind words.

      Best wishes to you, too.

  6. Nice blog…. I wanted to open in your niche. I wish u all the best.

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      Thank you for the good wishes, Godson.

  7. Emwinromwankhoe Osakpolor says:

    Hearty congrats on the successful creation and launch of your blog, sir! I so much like what I’m seeing here. More power to your brain and money to your bank account! Keep inspiring, sir!

    1. Emmanuel Amaechi says:

      Wow! Thanks, boss for your words.

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