The fact that you’re a student does not mean you cannot have a side business to support your studies as there are several business ideas for students in Nigeria

So, if you are in need of some lucrative, low-cost business ideas as a student, then this is the right place to be!

Factors To Consider Before Picking Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

Before picking up an business idea as a student, you should consider these:

Time: Some businesses require more time than the others. And if your course of study is tedious especially if you’re in the medical line, it is highly advisable you critically examine your schedule with before picking up any of the businesses.

Skills: Some businesses require a certain level of skill. Not all business ideas for students in Nigeria can go well with you. For instance, picking up graphics design will not work unless you have the skills.

So, what can you do?

Why Side Business For  Students?

a. It gives you extra cash, especially if what you receive is never enough

b. You learn skills that would empower you after school. There are some skills that you may not get, like negotiation, from the class room.

Let’s now see some business ideas for students in Nigeria in no particular order! Let’s go there!

1. Social Media Management

There are some person(s)/organizations that need people to handle their social media accounts.  A student with reasonable knowledge of social media can do this at the comfort of his hostel. With a smartphone and data, this job is no doubt one of the simplest business ideas for students in Nigeria.

2. Cleaning/Dry cleaning

Yes, don’t say it is a dirty job because you’d be surprised at the number of students/people that need their clothes, houses sparkling clean.

I knew someone in school who did that. He got clients even outside the school and when you enter his room, you’d smell class.

And interestingly, there is little skill needed here. This is one of the business ideas for students in Nigeria that’d need patience.

3. Data sharing

This is quite simple. Buy data in bulk and resell to others. It becomes more interesting since a large number of persons depend on data to keep up with the social media and drive their businesses.

You don’t need a physical space to do this. It can  be done anywhere and at anytime.

4. Clothes/Fashion Items

Selling used clothes, fondly called okirika, is one of the business ideas for students in Nigerian can. Aside used clothes, students can also sell new ones.

What you need for this is to get in touch with wholesalers where you can get quality materials and resell on campus.

You don’t need much capital to start this as your business is mobile – going from halls to hostels, classrooms etc.

Aside clothes, you can sell shoes, and some clothing accessories.

5. Barbing/Hair Plating

This is one of the commonest and easy-to-start businesses ideas for students in Nigeria. The huge student population makes it easy to find the right customers.

You can attach yourself to a barbing salon where you are expected to give certain percentage of your charges to the owner (s) for any work done.

The good side of this one is that it rarely clashes with your lecture time since many people use the salons on weekends or at the tail-end of the day.

6. Fast Food/Noodles Joint

They call them “Mishai”. Your work here is well-cut out. Many students do not have the time to cook, others cannot and yet, there are those who want to show class by buying prepared noodles, bread/egg and tea and other fast food.

The start-up capital for this kind of business is usually less than N20, 000, depending on how big you want it to be.

Get your bread, cartoons of noodles, stove, table, plates and cups, among others, and the business is set!

7. Freelance/Resume Writing

Have you been told that you write well? Or do you find writing an easy task to do? Then, you could make some cash with this skill.

Students who are looking out for internship opportunities need a ready-to-go, eye-catching resume. You can perfect this easy skill and start charging them to  create awesome resumes using acceptable formats.

All you need is an ability to filter and organize information in a clearly understandable manner and you’d get some cool cash.

Again, the advent of the internet has really opened up the door for writers. As a student, you can make money online by writing blog posts, articles and even offer editing/proofreading services.

There are several online fora like Nairaland, Fiverr and Upwork where you can easily exchange your services for money.

You can showcase your portfolio of work online (blog, social media) and spread the message by word of mouth. Once you get a client and deliver a great piece, watch out as you’d begin to get referrals.

8. Graphics Design

Like I noted earlier on, the internet has opened up opportunities to make money. People now have e-flyers for their programmes.

They write ebooks and thus need a book cover. People celebrate birthdays, child dedication, marriages and weddings.

That’s a huge reservoir of opportunity to tap into and make some cash if you have knowledge of graphics design.

There is no limit to how much you can ear. It only boils down to how fast you can deliver your job with quality and professionalism.

9. Errands And Delivery Services

Sites like Jumia, Konga and others deliver goods to their clients at home. Why not tap into this if you know how to ride a bike?

At other times, you might not even need to know how to ride a bike. You can help busy people shop, drop off their goods in their houses and charge them. It’s that simple.

10. Tutorial

Do you know a thing or too about a subject?  Or better put, are there subject areas you are good at?

Then that’s a business idea! If you know much about Chemistry, writing, or any subject area, you can easily approach a tutorial center and apply as a tutor.

While in school, there were several tutors that charged N100, N200 etc for classes. What you need for this is a space and work with the class representative(s) and you are good to go.

On Nigerian campuses, there are several tutorial centers where students are prepared for exams like JAMB, WAEC, Post-UTME.

On the other hand, you can also set-up your own, even if it means partnering with some of your friends.

Tutoring is not limited to academics. You can design a blog? Make hair or beads? Then find those who want to learn and charge for teaching them.

11. Event Planning/Promotion

The university/polytechnic environment is a beehive of activities from departmental events to parties. Now, that is a simple pointer to the fact that people might need someone to help them plan these.

You can latch onto this and liaise with event center owners and direct students to the right places for their occasions.

All you need here is a good communication skill, promote your work on social media and get to know relaxation spots/event centers around campus.

Trust me, once you’ve built that trust, and deliver, students and event center owners would beat a path to your door.

12. Typing/Printing

Some students may not have the time, others could want a professional touch to their work. And if you are fast at typing, you’d make money off them for their assignments, projects and other academic tasks.

This is in addition to printing these documents for them.

You’d need a laptop/desktop and stable power supply (get a small generator if you can or partner with a business center close to you).

13. Photography: Still One Of The Timeless Business Ideas For Students In Nigeria

Even though the advent of smartphones seem to have made photography less lucrative, students are crazy about capturing precious moments in school – matriculation, birthdays, seminars, convocations – the list is endless.

If you know your worth, good at what you do, then pick up your camera and head go to event centers, take those fine shots and have some cool cash in your pocket.

14. Manicure/Pedicure: Among Fashion-Oriented Business Ideas For Students In Nigeria

This is mainly for the ladies. They fix nails, eyelashes, and do other stuffs to look trim and takeaway. This is one business idea for students in Nigeria that can fix them.

It is also easy to start up – you can begin with less than N10, 000.

15. Blogging: Rated As One Of The Business Ideas For Students In Nigeria With Dedication

I don’t need to say much about this. If you already have knowledge, let’s say about phone, you can easily start a blog on that and with dedication and consistency, you can start earning from it.

It does not have to be a news/entertainment blog like Linda Ikeji’s since that, aside being neck-throat competitive, needs time.

As I noted at the beginning, some of these business ideas for students in Nigeria, may require certain kinds of skills why others do not.

Overall, you just have to pick the one that works for you and you’re good to go, like they say in NYSC!

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