5 Simple and Proven Editing Tips for Writers, Bloggers

As a writer, one of the hardest parts of the job is editing.


It takes a whole lot of energy, concentration as well as knowing the rules of the game for you to master.


Editing becomes more important since the final copy should be fine and error-free, passing the right message to the audience as you intend to.


Editing might sound hard but there are many proven but simple ways you can get that perfect article – and that’s what I am here for.


You want it? Then read on!



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Writing a piece can make you grossly enmeshed that even when you make mistakes, you might not see them.


This becomes true as your fingers might be faster than your thoughts or vice-versa.


You may have thought that you’ve typed the correct thing only to find out that you’ve goofed big time.


Thus, one of the most proven ways to address this is to leave the work and return to it later –depending on you, it may be hours or days.


This will not only make you see the work from a fresh perspective, it also ensures that you quickly spot the errors.

So, give it time.



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You may be tempted to write and edit, thinking it will help you produce a fine piece.


However, writing and editing at the same time slows down your flow of thought –making you focus on the perfect sentence, abandoning the meat of the matter which is the thought.


Do the writing and you can do the editing later.

Great compositions are not made from the first drafts.


Write, then edit.



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Many times, you’d think that you have gotten the perfect piece, after you’ve edited and reedited.

But one of the key things that can make your writing stand out is giving it out to another pair of eyes to see, even edit.


It may be a colleague, your editor or a friend –just ensure you give it.


Even if the person is not a “grammar guru”, s/he will have one or two things to say about the work that will eventually make it come out well.


You can’t be your own editor.




You can’t go wrong on this. Printing out your work makes it easier for you to edit.


You can easily strike out the errors before effecting the corrections in the soft copy.


I find it easier editing on a printed work and then correcting it on the computer.


Try this if you can, it works fine.



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Technological advancements have tremendously improved the way people write and edit.


There are many applications that you can find online which will help you in fine-tuning your work.


I’ve found GRAMMARLY app handful in this regard.


You can even search for the correct usage of words/phrases on the internet if you’re in limbo about them.


Embrace technology –don’t be in a river and wash your hands with spittle.


This is by no way and exhaustive list but I’ve found them handful to me while producing a piece.


However, whether you are producing a blog post, article, or short story, keeping these points in mind will help you come out with well-carved out words, creating a lasting sweet taste in your readers.


So, which of these proven editing tips works for you?


Or are there others you’ll like to share with on the comment section?


Why not go ahead and let me?

Emmanuel Egobiambu

A creative writer, editor and public affairs analyst skilled in research.

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