The 2018 Batch A NYSC camp was opened on Thursday across the nation with millions of Nigerian graduates already mobilized for the programme.

You would agree with me that the 21-day orientation camp is one of the most exciting part of the one year NYSC programme.

After the orientation camp, you’d be posted to your place of primary assignment which in most cases, turns your service year to boredom.

However, while at the 2018 NYSC Batch A orientation camp, there are things you’d do to make the experience an unforgettable one.

Let’s see some of them below:


Few years back, the NYSC introduced the Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development (SAED).

This is to arm you with certain skills that would empower you after your service year.

If you really want to make the 21-day camp unforgettable, you can join one of  the SAED programmes.

Some of the skills taught and which I would recommend are shoe-making, tailoring, make-up, cinematography etc.

You might not master everything during the camping period but you can always continue when you get to you PPA.

It could be interesting learning with others; making friends while still in camp.

Join a Group

One way to make your NYSC camp experience a memorable one is by joining a group or two.

There are many of them ranging from the OBS, Red Cross, drama group, NCCF, Muslim corpers etc.

The activities are fun and aside meeting new persons/friends, they will make you not want the camping to end (but we know say e go end. Lol!)

Take Part in Early Morning Drills

“Soja get! Soja get! Soja get…! “Kopa get! Kopa get…”

Those are some of the choruses that go with the early morning drills that mark the NYSC orientation camp.

If I were you, I would join them in such drills, if not for anything but to drain the fat in your system and ultimately keep fit.

It might look a bit stressful at the onset, but you would get along well and enjoy it as camping wears on; it could become one of those activities you look forward to.

Connect or make friends In NYSC CAMP

This might look simple but NYSC is a good place to make some great friends. I know that not everyone can fall within the category of friends, but trust me, getting good friends can boost your networking skill and great partnership in the long run.

Run a side Hustle/Business in NYSC Camp

Do you have skills like hair making, photography or how to make up? Then, you can make cool cash with it while on camp.

You can meet those teaching it as SAED and introduce yourself to them. They could take you as one of their instructors.

And if you’re good at what you do, then be sure of making some cash on the side.

In all, the NYSC orientation camp offers you great opportunity to meet new persons, sharpen inter-personal skills, and keep fit among others.

No wonder many ex-corps member see it as the best part of the NYSC year!


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