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My name is Emmanuel .A Egobiambu, I’m a writer, and blogger with deep passion to help upcoming writers/bloggers create compelling contents, becoming better in their art.

I’m the founder of Theflowingink.com –where I share my thoughts on blogging, writing, editing, grammar, creative writing.

I have been published in prestigious media outlets like Goal.com, Guardian, Premium Times, Ynaija, among others with over 100 publications to my credit.

With the democratization of the media, anchored on the internet, more than ever before, there is an ever growing array of businesses/blogs which depend on content to flourish.


As the coming new media presents the audience with a myriad of contents daily –making it increasingly daunting to hold them captive to your posts –it thus becomes a duty to learn the tricks needed to keep readers yearning for more.

At TheFlowingInk.com, we pride ourselves with unraveling the secrets of crafting create contents through articles, interviews, and other resources.


We are poised to making bloggers/writers become well in their art, providing a rich reservoir of knowledge –in a way that will benefit the new/upcoming Nigerian blogger/writer.

Also, we seek to provide a platform where the emerging army of young writers/bloggers can cross-fertilize ideas, forming partnerships that paddle their craft to a profitable and blossoming enterprise.


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Phone: +2348067695932

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Twitter: Emmyk01

Email: Emmykego@gmail.com

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