A whole lot of persons have been asking for Covenant University School fees to process their admission into the school.

Regarded as one of the best in the country, Covenant University school fees is among the most expensive.

A recent ranking by the Times Higher Education rated among the top 1000 universities in the globe.

The rankings were released in September with the school being 636 in the world based on teachings, research, citations, industry income and international outlook. Covenant University is run by the Living Faith Church in Nigeria fondly called Winners’ Chapel.

Brief History Of Covenant University Ota, Ogun State

“Covenant University is a part of the Liberation Commission that God gave to the Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Bishop David Oyedepo, (Ph.D.) some years ago,” the school wrote.

“The appropriate forms of intent to establish a private university was submitted to the National Universities Commission (NUC) in March 2000 and by July 15th 2001, the verification team of the National Universities Commission came for the inspection of facilities and programmes. On 12th February 2002, the Federal Government officially presented the certificate, which granted Covenant University the license to operate as a private University in Nigeria.”

It added that “Our experiences over the last few years strongly indicate the great potential we have as a University in instituting a learning context that is rich in educational opportunities, research, and scholarship.

“Our aim is to build a world-class university that will be a pride of Africa as well as take its place among the Ivy league Universities on the global platform.

Our mandate as a University is to revolutionize the educational landscape of Africa. Ours is indeed a rescue mission in education, driven on the platform of Christian ethos and life-transforming values.

“The integration of the fundamental requirements stipulated by academic and professional quality assurance bodies, a global-outlook and impact-driven learning emphasis, provides a powerful synergy for empowerment in enabling the inculcation of intellectual and creative abilities via a platform of a solid commitment to self-discovery.”

Covenant University School Fees; Covenant University Undergraduate Courses

So, let’s look at Covenant University school fees for undergraduates, according to courses as listed below:

Programme                                                                                         Fees (Naira)
1. Accounting                                                                                        857,500
2. Banking & Finance                                                                            817,500
3. Business Administration                                                                    817,500
4. Demography & Social Statistics                                                         817,500
5. Economics                                                                                          817,500
6. Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management                      817,500
7. International Relations                                                                        857,500
8. Marketing                                                                                            817,500
9. Policy & Strategic Studies                                                                 857,500
10. Political Science                                                                              857,500
11. English Language                                                                            857,500
12. Psychology/Counselling                                                                  857,500
13. Sociology                                                                                         817,500
14. Mass Comm./Publ. Rel. & Advert.                                                   857,500
15. Architecture                                                                                     857,500
16. Engineering Courses                                                                       882,500
17. Computer Science                                                                           857,500
18. Biochemistry                                                                                    865,000
19. Microbiology                                                                                    865,000
20. Ind. / Physics/Mathematics                                                             865,000
21. Ind. Chemistry                                                                                 857,500
22. Building Technology                                                                          857,500
23. MIS                                                                                                    857,500
24. Estate Management                                                                           857,500
25. Biology                                                                                                857,500

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