Wondering how to get the Canada student visa in Nigeria? In this article, I would show you the detailed plan on how to get Canada student visa in Nigeria without much hassle.

Canada is one of the most sought-after places for Nigerians who want to further their education.

With the country’s proximity to the United States of America, its grizzly bears, enchanting mountains, the ever-warm and friendly people and environment, over 30 million persons apply for a visa to the country – a figure certainly pointing to a great nation.

What is the Canada Student visa?

You do not need a Canada student visa if you want to study in the country. All you need is a study permit to study in the country.

As a foreign student, the study permit means a document that lets foreigners study at any designated learning (DLI) institutions in the country.

However, you may not need the Canada study permit if your study period is six months or less.

The Canadian Visa Application Centre is the body responsible for accepting, on behalf of the Canadian Government, applications for all kinds of visas, including the study permits in Nigeria.

The student permit only lets you stay in the country within the time of your study and an extra 90 days for you to leave.

If you wish for an extension, you must make arrangements to apply for such. Even if you finish your studies before you permit expires, you are equally permitted to stay extra days.

If you do not do that, you may need to leave the country before you can apply for a study permit via the visa office.

Why you should study in Canada

There are myriads of reasons for the continued demand for Canada student visa in Nigeria.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider studying in Canada in no particular order:

1.   Great Institutions of learning

One of the top reasons why you should apply for the Canada student visa in Nigeria is the fact that the country has well-established and globally-renowned centers of learning.

Canada student visa in Nigeria

University of Toronto building covered with ivy,Victorian architecture, Toronto, Ontario, Canada/Life Launch


The nation’s education system mixes cross-disciplinary studies with great teaching resources. Some of Canada’s universities are among the top 100 in the country among which are the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University.

2.   Easy Application

Applying for Canada student visa in Nigeria is easy, accessible and largely transparent. Most times, all you need is to visit the programmes application page and upload certain documents and your journey begins.

3.   A multicultural; Welcoming Nation

The country houses people of different races and orientation. With a young and progressive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, applying for Canada student visa in Nigeria seems an alluring option.

The country recognizes the uniqueness of each person and their orientation, thus welcomes, warmly, people from all walks of life.

4.   Affordable Tuition And Cost of Living

The tuition fee needed to start off schooling in Canada is quite affordable when compared to other nations. This is just as housing and general living cost in the country are relatively cheap in relation to many other places such as the UK, U.S., and Australia.

5.   Employment Opportunities

Also, a successful application to study in Canada gives you the opportunity to work while studying.

This can be done without a work permit if it is on the campus in any of the schools in the country.

And if you want to stay back after your programme, the chances of getting a full-time job is quite high, thus getting Canada student visa in Nigeria is never out of place.

6.   Canada Offers High Quality of Life

The North American nation is considered one of the safest places to live with the fine mix of natural landscape and events littered across.

Nigeria Students in Canada

According to the Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Christopher Thornley, Nigeria is the seventh biggest contributor of foreign students in the country and a major contributor to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Image: Sun News Nigeria


Thornley noted that as at 2015, more than 10, 000 Nigerian students got admitted to several schools in Canada, a 20 percent rise from what was recorded in the preceding year.

This means that settling down or finding those who share similarity with you would not be hard once your Canada student visa in Nigeria is secured.

Many Nigeria students in Canada were required to do GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and other examinations before their application for Canada student visa in Nigeria were approved.

But there are many schools in Canada you can gain admission to as a Nigerian student without these examinations.

In addition, you would need 5 credits in WAEC/NECO to go for studies in Canada while for masters, a B.Sc. is accepted.

Canada Student Visa Requirements For Nigerian Citizens

There are certain requirements you should meet if you want to gain admission into any Canadian university as a Nigerian student:

a.     Evidence of Admission

b.     Proof of financial readiness to foot tuition, rent, and other expenditure

c.      Record of no criminal conviction

d.     Medical test

e.     Study permit

f.       Valid international passport

g.     Passport size photos

h.     Vacation consent form

i.        Family data form

How to Apply For Canada Student Visa In Nigeria:  Step by Step Guide

Canada student visa in Nigeria

Image: Top Universities


This is a step-by-step process that you need to go through for your Canada student visa in Nigeria:

a.     Get admission

Getting admission into a Canadian university is the first thing you must do if you want to apply for the Canada student visa. It is highly advisable to apply to many schools to improve your chances of getting admission.

b.     Apply for a study permit

As earlier noted, you should apply for a study permit as that serves as your Canada student visa. You can visit the Canada visa office here or apply online for the study permit.

Once you fill in your application, submit it online or at the Canada visa office.

c.      Interview

Once the Canadian visa office gives your application a pass, then you get called up for an interview.

d.     Final Decision

Once done with the interview, the Canadian visa office will then do the final verification which would determine if your study permit application has been accepted.

Canada Student Visa Appointment Booking

And on a general note, the French Embassy in Nigeria are the ones saddled with the responsibility of vetting any student visa application form.  And they are the ones that would call you up and book an appointment with you after they must have reviewed your application.

FAQs on how to apply for Canada student visa

a.     How much is the Canada Student visa fee in Nigeria?

Any Nigerian who wants to apply for a study permit in Canada will be required to pay 150 CAD (Canadian dollar).

This fee may be paid online, in the visa application center in Nigeria or via a bank transfer.

Unlike other nations, those applying for Canada student visa in Nigeria do not need to have health insurance.

And for your biometrics, a sum of 85 CAD is needed to do that, just as you must pay for the travel costs to London where medical examination is taken. This is in addition to the possibility of paying for the medicals

b.     How long does it take to process Canadian visa in Nigeria?

Once done with the visa application, you would need to wait for about 15 weeks to for the processing to be completed.

This does not include the time spent while applying for it. You can always track your application online once you are done.

Remember that visa applications are taken between Monday and Friday, from 08:00 am – 03:00 pm.

You are also not permitted to submit the application via mail.

c.       Where is Canada embassy in Nigeria?

The Canada High Commission has its office in Lagos and Abuja with the following address:

Canadian Deputy High Commission in Lagos, Nigeria: 4, Anifowoshe Street,
Victoria Island,
P. O. Box 54506,
Ikoyi Station,
Lagos,  Nigeria; Phone:(+234) (1) 271-5650; Fax: (+234) (1) 271-5651; Email:; Website:; Opening hours: 08.30-16.00, Monday to Friday

And in Abuja, it is at 15, Bobo Street, Maitama Abuja.

The postal address is P.O Box 5144, Abuja Nigeria. And the opening hour is 08:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Thursday while it is between 08:00 AM and 1:30 PM on Fridays. You can call them on (011 234 9)461-2900 or through the mail via

c.   Where do I download Canada visa application form?

You can download the Canada visa application form free by visiting the Embassy online:

Canada Student Visa In Nigeria: Conclusion

If you want to study abroad, Canada is one of the most desired places for that dream to come through. Not only does the country welcome people warmly, you stand a chance of earning a living studying.

So, if you have made up your mind to apply for Canada student visa in Nigeria, this is the best time to do so!



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