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Chronicles of an Oluyole JJC
May 20

Chronicles of an Oluyole JJC (3)

Radio Love I thought carrying transistor radios were an exclusive reserve of my brothers from the Northern side of the country until I got to the Oluyole City of Ibadan.   As a child, my quest to know the latest happening from across the world, had endeared me to save up money –every now and […]

May 18

Chronicles of an Oluyole JJC (2)

Unequally Yoked Coming from the South-South part of the country where motorcycles had been banned in the major towns, it burgled my mind to see okada flying past the road with two persons stuffed at the back.   “Sii! Ni bo?” the bike man with broken helmet signaled to me.  He had a passenger on […]

Apr 20

Still As a Graveyard -My Election Day Experience (2)

I was startled, like the proverbial antelope that entered a newly brushed farmland, when I saw people wall up the road, waiting for vehicles. I thought I was alone. Alone, in this business that would yield dividend in new set of leaders for my beloved country, Nigeria. The passengers numbered about thirty. While I inched […]