Full-Proof Tips To Buying School Shoes In Nigeria

Buying school shoes for kids can be enjoyable and at the same time demanding.

You’d want to get pair of shoes that will not only last long but also be fitting to their feet.

A good school shoes can be beautifully complement their uniforms especially when you’re well equipped to shopping rightly for them.

So, what do you need to look out for while buying school shoes for your kids?

  1. Check the school’s rules

Full-Proof Tips To buying School Shoes In Nigeria

This is perhaps the most fundamental thing to do. While some schools do have shoes for their students/pupils, others allow parents shop for their wards.

Even if the school allows you to shop for shoes for children, it is equally important you check out their rules; that’s the school’s requirement so you don’t shop wrongly.

Some schools require closed-up shoes while others allow a hook-and-loop closure rather than ties unless your child can tie her shoes on her own.

Still, there are schools that prefer their students to wear sturdy, athletic-type shoes, avoiding sandals altogether.

Know what the school allows and have them handy while shopping.

This will save money as well as stress associated with shopping for school shoes for kids.

  1. Don’t buy too large pairs

Full-Proof Tips To buying School Shoes In Nigeria

I know you’d want to save up some cash and thus want to buy shoes that are too large for your kids so they can grow into it.

But that would only make them uncomfortable in it. They’d find the shoes difficult to run with and at some other cases, the shoes may not be fitting to their feet.

Those shoes can also bring pains and injuries to your kids feet.

  1. Take your kids along while shopping for their shoes

Take your child along while buying School Shoes In Nigeria

You may think you know the size of shoes your kids wear and so no need taking them along while shopping.

However, that in itself might be a costly mistake. Not only do children’s feet grow fast, you run the risk of buying what they might not like.

To avoid this, take them along while buying their shoes. This will give them the opportunity to check the shoes, wear them and thus allowing you make a great choice that’d save them injuries and pains associated with buying the wrong pair of shoes.

  1. Know their size

Full-Proof Tips To buying School Shoes In Nigeria

Perhaps your kids are not physically available for shoes shopping, ensure you know their exact size. Guessing their shoes size will be a costly mistake which you’d want to avoid.

Your children’s feet grow faster than you think and so, using the previous shopping experience or an estimate, might not give the required results.

  1. Go for stable sole

Go for a stable sole while buying School Shoes In Nigeria

One thing that you can’t rule out for your kids in school is that they’d do a lot of running, jumping, and all that.

And there are going to do these in their shoes. That means a good, hardwearing sole, firm and stable at the back, just as it is flexible at the front to allow the foot to flex correctly, is key to shopping shoes for kids rightly.

Aside that, having a pair of shoes with stable sole ensures the wears and tears coupled with extra costs, are toned down to the barest minimum.

  1. Don’t Buy One Pair

Buying School Shoes

Since your kids would wear the shoes for at least five days in a week, getting two pairs of shoes will ensure that one pair is not overused.

This in the long run will give you value for the shoes even as you cut cost of buying different shoes at different points.

Wearing a pair of shoes the whole week will lead to wear and tear, leading to spending more on buying new pairs.

It will also add variety, which they say, is the spice of life.

  1. Never forget some good pair of socks

Buying School Shoes

They not only help in keeping your kids warm, absorb heat from the feet and add comfort, they can as well bring out the beauty in the shoes.

Let them adorn those dainty feet!

In all, much as you’d want to get quality, durable and beautifully made shoes, know that your children’s COMFORT trumps every other thing.

So, go for comfort above all else while shopping for back to school shoes for your kids and you’d regret it a bit! Happy shopping!


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