How To Do JAMB Reprint 2018 – A Complete Guide

Candidates can now go ahead with their  JAMB reprint 2018 exam slip which shows them the date and venue for their exam, the management of the examination board have said.

So, here is how to go about the JAMB reprint 2018 notification slip to get the exam venue and date, beginning from  Tuesday 6th of March, 2018.

How To Get Your Jamb Reprint 2018 exam Slip 

How to Check Jamb Exam Date and Centre (via Email)

Now, follow these steps to follow to get your JAMB reprint 2018 exam slip:

  1. If you received an e-mail from JAMB, find an attachment that comes with it. The attachment is an HTML file, named according to your JAMB registration name.
  2.  Download the file to your device, that is a PC  to ensure you now have it offline. You can take it to a business center to see your  JAMB reprint 2018 exam slip or you can also do it at home if you have a printer.
  3. For those that don’t have printer, simply tell the business center operator to login to your mail, re-download and then you can see your JAMB reprint 2018 exam slip to know your exam date and venue.
  4. JAMB candidates are urged make your JAMB reprint 2018 Exam Slip in two copies as you  be would submit 1 of them at the Exam Centre.  The other copy is for reference.

How to Check Jamb Exam Date and Centre (through eFacility)

  1.  Go to the official JAMB Portal; and login to the efacility portal.
  2.  Click on “Print Examination Slip” and a Pop-Up your Exam slip will open.
  3. Just  press CTRL P at same time for your JAMB reprint 2018 exam slip.

P.S: Like noted before, you need to make 2 copies of the reprint for JAMB  2018 exam slip and in colour. You would submit one while you keep the other for record sake.

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