You have a day job and wants to find time to write? Well, you’re not alone. Finding time to write when you a day job can be hard, especially when you’re passionate about it.

You may have ideas buzzing your mind; tugging you but find it dauntingly tasking pouring it out on the screen or paper.

At other times, you’d be tired out from the hassles of daily work –that’s if you have a day job you do aside your writing –we’re all on the same page.

However, I’d share some simple yet workable ways to beat the “I’m don’t have time write” mantra even when you’re doing a full-time job.


  • Write in Bits


This one has been one of my favourite ways of beating my busy schedule to produce contents. You might find it tasking to do an 800-1500 words post.


However, breaking it into bits, of say 300 words, or even 200 words, would help you come up with the work at the end of the day; thus beating off the deadline.


It’d might be waking up 30 minutes earlier, or sleeping thirty minutes late –whichever works out for you.


Don’t be intimidated by the lengthy piece –break it to chewable chunks and the task would be accomplished.


  • Use Every Opportunity

time write

It’s a follow-up on the previous point.  Perhaps you have 5-20 minutes free time, you can use it to scribble some words on paper.


With the advent of smartphones, it’s become easier since you can type those words on it.


Also, if you work in an office setting, you can steal some minutes from your break time to do this.

In all, just chuck in your writing in between –when you’ve got those ‘small’ free time write.


  • Rehearse in your head

time write

This works perfectly.  And by ‘rehearse’, I mean ‘arranging’ your thoughts in your head.  Mentally envisioning where each part of your piece is supposed to be.


  • Use traffic jam time

And if you normally encounter, “go slow” on  the road , you can make good use of it and script those ideas into beautiful words.


At other times, you can jot down ideas that come to you during such period- a reason why traffic jams are good  generators of writing folder (I enjoy this, too).


  • Have a Writing Routine, Stick to It

Thus, you need discipline to be a writer -it can be boring and uninteresting sometimes.


Map out certain minutes, daily, weekly, monthly, and use such time write.


With this, you can craft your writing into your daily schedule. Here, you can give yourself a target of how many words, say 300, daily, that you would be writing.


Of course, finding time write is a daunting task, it can be defeated just as simple as ABC -only if you’re willing to play by the rules, I should rather say, take a step ahead.


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