Are you an “Alumnus”, “Alumni”, “Alumnae”, or “Alumna”?

Trust me, back then in High school, these were troubling words to me. Not that I’d not know what they meant ooo.

I always confuse one for the other. Dey be like when Nigeria dey play China, Japan or Korea for football—you no dey know who be who!

However, if you’re facing similar challenge hang around here and kill it off.

ALUMNUS: An alumnus is a former male student/graduate of a school, college or institute.

e.g. George is an alumnus of UNIBEN.

ALUMNI: In nonstandard use, it means a group of graduates (male/female) from a school, college or institute.
It’s also the plural form of alumnus (male).

e.g. I didn’t attend the last “Alumni Conference” due to technical issues!; Paul and Innocent are both alumni of Mass Communication, UNIBEN.

ALUMNA: This is used in reference to a former female student/graduate of a school or institute.

e.g. Miracle is a CASOR UNIBEN alumna.
ALUMNAE: It is the plural of “ALUMNA.”

e.g. Maryjane and Constance are UNIBEN alumnae.

With this, I hope the confusion on the right usage of these words would’ve melted like wax under the fiery-burning sun?


Before then, I’d love to know your thoughts; hit the comment section

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4 thought on “How To Use Alumnus, Alumni, Alumnae, or Alumna”

  1. younG says:

    Wow nice enlightenment, really educative…. Thanks for this!

    1. Emmanuel Egobiambu says:

      You are welcome!

  2. I think I have learnt something new here today! Your blog post are enlighten

    1. Emmanuel Egobiambu says:

      Thanks. Do visit often for more of such posts!

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