Mama Ekehuan comes exactly three years that I dropped the pen as an undergraduate –one of the defining times in my life.

During that period, they were many encounters – the good, bad and ugly –and I have decided to capture some of them in Mama Ekehuan.

From the night class, volley ball court, 7. a.m lectures to the conductors yelling “Ofolobasement” at Main Gate, being in Uniben was a hit, back to back!

Between leaving UNIBEN and now, NYSC, Convocation, and much more, have come and gone!

It’s still feel like yesterday as an undergraduate but like one of my writing mentors, Chimamanda Adichie said, “Okenye abu ro zi umuaka” (person no be pikin again!)

I’ve always dreamt of writing a book right from childhood. Today that has become a reality. Undoubtedly, my joy knows no bound seeing this come to pass!

An African proverb says that a child sits first before he begins to crawl. Mama Ekehuan is the least of many more to come, God willing!

Thanks to Daniel Ehiagwina and Aunty Esther Wright for their invaluable insights and recommendations!

So, follow here and here and download download Mama Ekehuan (for free);  tag your UNIBEN friends; share the link on your timeline (with the harsh tag, #MamaEkehuan) and drop a review (important)!

Get your copy here!

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1 thought on “Mama Ekehuan: A Tale From The Nest Of Artistes Launches!”

  1. Danny_k says:

    Brilliant and Creative Write-up. If you schooled in UNIBEN particularly ekenwan campus, this is a must read for you. In fact not just UNIBEN, all Nigerian students old and present.

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