Multi-Niche or Single Niche Blog: Which Way Should You Go?

If you’re interested in taking up blogging, one of the questions that’d likely bulge your mind is: “should I have a single or multi-niche blog?

Well, there are no fast and hard rules about such as it all boils down on what you intend to achieve with the blog –whether single or multi-niche.

Before you finally decide on which line to tow –multi-niche blog or single niche blog –you must realize that each comes with their drawbacks and selling points.

Multi-Niche Blog

First off, a multi-niche blog allows you blog on many and even several unrelated topics without recourse to things like SEO, and other blogging jargon.

However, before taking up such, you’ve to consider:

Your Blogging Goal

You might have heard the saying, “when the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable.”

I know this statement holds true when it comes to making a choice blog.

If your aim of starting a blog is to express your opinion about an issue; that’s a medium for expressing your thoughts, then you’d as well open a multi-niche blog.

With such blog, you can write about Kim Kadashia today, talk about Lai Mohammed tomorrow and the next day pick up a blog post topic on street begging. It’s all good.

All good since your blog is a platform for you to lay your thoughts bare before the world –you can write on anything that piques your interest.

Furthermore, a multi-niche blog, you don’t have to worry about finding the right blog post that’d be relevant to your audience.

In this case, you’re not concerned about making money blogging, becoming an expert in your field, gathering a like-minded audience or even ranking high in search engines –it’s just to pass your message to the world.

 If you're interested in running a multi-niche blog

 Multi-Niche Blog: The Drawbacks

On the flip side, you have to battle with these:

  • No Where to Point 

In addition, you wouldn’t fit into any area.

If someone asks you, “what do you blog about?” you might find it hard, nay difficult t say.

  • No Focus

But a multi-niche blog comes with shifting attention. You might be overwhelmed by the plethora of topics to blog about.

Also, your audience may risk not knowing what your blog is all about.

This might not be ideal to grow your new blog –although you’d get huge readership but they can’t really be pinned down.

Niche Blog

Multi-Niche Blog: Not Bad After all

However, if you want a multiple niche blog, ensure your themes are related.

For instance,  some blog themes, as listed below,  might work fine for the multiple-niche blog:

  • Spirituality, motivation, relationships
  • Higher education, career or job tips
  • Entreprenuership, marketing, finance management
  • Blogging tips, writing, Social media management
  • Stories, Poetry, book reviews

The list is inconclusive!

Pick two or three related themes, if you’re interested in a multi-niche blog

You can’t run a blog that discusses football and technology/food recipes.  They are miles apart!

Conclusively, there are no hard and fast rules, the question is: which can you conveniently handle?

Emmanuel Egobiambu

A creative writer, editor and public affairs analyst skilled in research.

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