How to Find Time to Write Even if You're Busy
Jul 12

How To Find Time To Write Even With Day Job

You have a day job and wants to find time to write? Well, you’re not alone. Finding time to write when you a day job can be hard, especially when you’re passionate about it. You may have ideas buzzing your mind; tugging you but find it dauntingly tasking pouring it out on the screen or […]

Jun 12

10 Simple But Wrongly Used Phrases

Chances are that you’ve come across some phrases and you’re not sure if they are correctly used. Well, not to worry because I’ve compiled a list of ten phrases, often misused and their correct use.   As at when due: This should rank at the top of wrong use of phrases by Nigeria. The right […]

Question Tags Rules With Example
May 29

How to Master Question Tags With Examples

Question tags are mainly associated with spoken English but you won’t also go wrong using them for written communication.   A question tag, according to the Collins Dictionary, is “a question tag is a very short clause at the end of a statement which changes the statement into a question.”   Examples of question tag […]