image showing common email blunders to avoid to get reply
Sep 18

4 Common Email Blunders to Avoid

The advent of internet has almost crippled letter writing (the one you do through the post office) and have also brought with it common email blunders.   It has dispersed the thronging crowds in post offices who longed to communicate with their loved ones.   Daily, countless electronic mails fly via computers and mobile devices […]

Aug 26

Stuck: A Night Crawler’s Tale

The road was dark and long. I heard the creepy insects and the hush sound of the wind bending trees with its arms. It was 1.a.m and I was returning from a party –my first party. A kind fellow had dropped me at ‘Mokola Round About’ but I couldn’t get a taxi to Orogun. I […]

Aug 17

Throwback: When ‘Machine’ Guns Were Carved With Wood

Our pistols were carved from wood; at other times, dry branches of trees that had obeyed the laws of gravity.   With our petite frames, we launched onto the lush green fields wielding our “machine guns” to hunt the ever-elusive grass-hoppers that littered the fields.   For once, the great “Rambo” and “Van Dam” felt […]