Image of Confusing Words in English
Apr 10

10 Confusing Words You Should be Mindful Of

The English language is complex and often poses difficulty in mastering with loads of confusing words, leaving you wondering why a letter will make the difference between two words. In this post, I share 10 confusing words in the language, proffering their right usage:   All right v Alright: Few dictionaries may have “alright” but […]

Apr 07

5 Simple Copy-Editing Techniques Every Blogger, Writer Must Know

Having written that post you’ll need some simple copy-editing techniques as a blogger to make your reading ask for more. That’s why as a writer, one of the hardest parts of the job is adopting these simple copy-editing techniques. It takes a whole lot of energy, concentration as well as knowing the rules of the […]

Apr 03


Chances are that you use one of these words, oblivious that they are tautological in nature. And redundant words, going by definition, are words that do not add anything to statement. Often, one word in a tautological or redundant statement may be all that is needed. So, I’ve compiled 15 of the commonly used redundant […]