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Niche Or Non Niche Blog: Which Way Should You Go?
Jul 28

Niche Or Non Niche Blog: Which Way Should You Go?

If you’re interested in taking up blogging, one of the questions that’d likely bulge your mind is: “should I have a single or a non niche blog? Well, there are no fast and hard rules about such as it all boils down on what you intend to achieve with the blog –whether single or nicheless. […]

How to Find Time to Write Even if You're Busy
Jul 12

How To Find Time To Write Even With Day Job

You have a day job and wants to find time to write? Well, you’re not alone. Finding time to write when you a day job can be hard, especially when you’re passionate about it. You may have ideas buzzing your mind; tugging you but find it dauntingly tasking pouring it out on the screen or […]

7 Easy-To-Learn Skills For Students Awaiting Admission, NYSC
Apr 14

5 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Blog

With the upward surge in the creation of blogs, put at about 172,800 daily, you may have thought about starting a blog;  taking up blogging as a career, a medium of expression and connection with the world.   Blogs produce tons of contents every day, making it one of the most lucrative modern day careers. […]