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36 Students Bag First Class Honours In FUTO
Nov 07

How To Use Alumnus, Alumni, Alumnae, or Alumna

Are you an “Alumnus”, “Alumni”, “Alumnae”, or “Alumna”? Trust me, back then in High school, these were troubling words to me. Not that I’d not know what they meant ooo. I always confuse one for the other. Dey be like when Nigeria dey play China, Japan or Korea for football—you no dey know who be […]

Jul 17

On Verbosity: How Much Word is Much Word?

Have you ever found yourself using many words when few could’ve done? I mean using 10 (ten) words when 5 (five) could do? If your answer is “Yes” then you’re guilty or VERBOSITY aka wordiness – I’ve been a victim too!   Verbosity means using many words to express the simplest of ideas.   Brevity […]