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36 Students Bag First Class Honours In FUTO
Nov 07

How To Use Alumnus, Alumni, Alumnae, or Alumna

Are you an “Alumnus”, “Alumni”, “Alumnae”, or “Alumna”? Trust me, back then in High school, these were troubling words to me. Not that I’d not know what they meant ooo. I always confuse one for the other. Dey be like when Nigeria dey play China, Japan or Korea for football—you no dey know who be […]

image showing common email blunders to avoid to get reply
Sep 18

4 Common Email Blunders to Avoid

The advent of internet has almost crippled letter writing (the one you do through the post office) and have also brought with it common email blunders.   It has dispersed the thronging crowds in post offices who longed to communicate with their loved ones.   Daily, countless electronic mails fly via computers and mobile devices […]

Question Tags Rules With Example
May 29

How to Master Question Tags With Examples

Question tags are mainly associated with spoken English but you won’t also go wrong using them for written communication.   A question tag, according to the Collins Dictionary, is “a question tag is a very short clause at the end of a statement which changes the statement into a question.”   Examples of question tag […]