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image showing common email blunders to avoid to get reply
Sep 18

4 Common Email Blunders to Avoid

The advent of internet has almost crippled letter writing (the one you do through the post office) and have also brought with it common email blunders.   It has dispersed the thronging crowds in post offices who longed to communicate with their loved ones.   Daily, countless electronic mails fly via computers and mobile devices […]

Jul 17

On Verbosity: How Much Word is Much Word?

Have you ever found yourself using many words when few could’ve done? I mean using 10 (ten) words when 5 (five) could do? If your answer is “Yes” then you’re guilty or VERBOSITY aka wordiness – I’ve been a victim too!   Verbosity means using many words to express the simplest of ideas.   Brevity […]

How to Find Time to Write Even if You're Busy
Jul 12

How To Find Time To Write Even With Day Job

You have a day job and wants to find time to write? Well, you’re not alone. Finding time to write when you a day job can be hard, especially when you’re passionate about it. You may have ideas buzzing your mind; tugging you but find it dauntingly tasking pouring it out on the screen or […]