Out of boredom and “play play” last year, I began to share tips on grammar and writing better. I didn’t have a clear idea of what it would turn out to but I was delighted that people were gaining from it.


Sometimes, posting was hard. It was either the epileptic power supply left my phone dead –I’d resort to using my mum’s phone.


At other times, I felt tired of ‘cracking’ my brain –breaking the tips down to an understandable level. I still kept on doing my best.


I wasn’t a grammar nazi neither did I know it all.


I just wanted to share with others what I know and have learnt –seeing that there were plenty of those little “foxes” that spoil the vein in people’s post on social media.


As the day wore on, I became regular with it and I christened it #eveninggrammarhangout. My friend’s waited for it –it was a huge responsibility placed on my tiny shoulders.


At a point, I dropped off; reclined to my seat only to return after few weeks


Early this year, I began to realign #eveninggrammarhangout with my GEEKS (Gifts, Experience, Expertise, Knowledge and skills).


The dots began to connect; the picture became clearer when #eveninggrammarhangout laid the foundation for the launching of my new blog


Have things fully unfolded? With all certainty, I’d say “no.”


However, when a friend told me how much his communication skills had improved since he began following #eveninggrammarhangout; my bowels welled up with fulfillment.


Tears dropped off my eyes.  I felt like I won a million dollars!


Reading through Mark Zuckerbergs’ Commencement Speech at Harvard University, I couldn’t but concur when he said that “Ideas are not fully formed.”


That statement was the meat of the matter for me in the whole speech.


I won’t be posting this if he did not start up Facebook. This is not about him and what he’s done thus far.

It’s about our lives and how much we long for the perfect conditions before kick starting our dreams.

Are all ideas worth pursuing? It’s a yes and no answer.


One thing that makes me yearn, as life begins to unfold to me, is that I may be impeding someone’s progress if I keep my ideas to myself –fail to do anything with it.


You may not be for everybody but I’m for somebody.


You don’t have eternity on earth and so wouldn’t spend the rest of your life waiting for the perfect conditions. The whole picture may look hazy at the onset, but it surely becomes clearer as you progress.


You don’t have to wait until the whole idea (my purpose, goals) is fully formed before taking up your boots, marching to destiny.


“Though the vision may tarry,” you have to “wait for it” because “AT THE END, IT WOULD SPEAK….”

Emmanuel Egobiambu

A creative writer, editor and public affairs analyst skilled in research.


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