It is every candidates hopes to get a high JAMB  score, leading to admission into the tertiary  institution of choice.

However, getting a high JAMB score is not a guarantee for admission into the school of choice as there are many factors that are considered.

This is not to say a high JAMB score does not aid the admission process.


The fact is that a high JAMB score can qualify you for POST UTME, but is just one of the several bridges you have to cross on your ways to getting admission.

So, why would your high JAMB score not give you admission to your choice university, polytechnic or college of education?

You’re Not In Catchment Area

Some may argue that it encourages mediocrity but the fact is that a candidate whose choice institution in JAMB is in alignment with his catchment area, has a higher chance of being admitted than one outside of the catchment area.

Every school, especially the Federal institutions, have catchment areas.

What that means is that when tied with someone from the zone/area, the school is much likely to pick a candidate in their catchment area instead of you.

In some cases, the person may even have a lower JAMB score.

This happens and until it is abolished, which does not look likely, it would continue to detect those who gain admission into universities in the country, regardless of your high JAMB score.

Low Post-UTME Score

Although there were heated debates about this, it is clear that the battle might not be won soon as tertiary institutions do not trust JAMB UTME as a filter to get the best students.

Getting a high JAMB score can only do so much to get you admission into your choice school when you do poorly in the POST-UTME.

So, you need to put in extra efforts during the POST-UTME, often called entrance screening by some schools, if your high JAMB score will make any impact.

A combination of a high JAMB score and a great performance in the POST-UTME, is a sure way to scale through the rigorous admission process in the country.

Departmental Quota

While it may be true that your high JAMB score will be of immense help in your admission process, it is also germane to note that the competition is stiff in some departments/courses.

Many departments have a tight quota system; that is, they can only pick few students for admission irrespective of the high JAMB score other candidates have.

This is especially true in the medical sciences and other highly-competitive courses like law.

Thus, you need more than your high JAMB score to make the admission cut which leads us to the next point:


Well, as unprofessional as this might seem,  god-fatherism  or “who you know” as tagged in local parlance, is  a huge determinant of who gets admitted into tertiary institutions in most cases.

There have been instances where admission slots were allegedly handed to top management of schools who in turn send in names of their “anointed” candidates.

What this means is that you might lose your admission, in spite of your high JAMB score, to someone “who knows someone that knows someone that knows the VC.”

Incomplete Qualification

Last year,  the admission process into Nigerian schools took a drastic turn. Now, candidates seeking admission will have their SSCE result scored.

What this entails is that a candidate with high JAMB score but lower grades in their O’level, risk losing their admission.

While it is good to get a high JAMB score, there are a combination of other factors like your performance in the POST-UTME, being in the school’s catchment area and a whole lot of factors, before you’re handed admission to your choice tertiary educational institution.

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