1. Francis Nwokike

    Nice one Emmanuel. Got to know about your new blog from Promise’s Facebook timeline and decided to take a look. It’s worth the time. Congrats. We learn everyday and I think your blog will solve a problem already ravaging the blogosphere. More ink to your pen.

  2. Hi Immanuel,

    While I read through the post I did laugh like I’m on a ‘high cold transformer’ which forever remains safe. Believe.

    The points noted here are really imperative if communication must be done the right way. Thanks for the list.

    Well done Sir!

    ~ Prince.

  3. Wow…

    This is a great post.

    Especially, the sit down and the stand up part.

    I love this.

    I’m sure this is one of Promise Excel Work

    I am happy you broke the ice to give value.

    Kind regards.

    • Emmanuel Amaechi

      Great to see you here, Sola. Promise Excel cannot be subtracted from this blog for sure.

      I appreciate your kind words.

      Best wishes to you, too.

  4. Emwinromwankhoe Osakpolor

    Hearty congrats on the successful creation and launch of your blog, sir! I so much like what I’m seeing here. More power to your brain and money to your bank account! Keep inspiring, sir!

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