How to Use the Ellipsis


Ellipsis (…) is one of the most used punctuation marks but also wrongly used.

It shows the omission of words, phrases etc, in a sentence as well as continuation of a sentence.

An ellipsis helps you eliminate unnecessary words, and getting to the main point in your writing.

Example (Full sentence):

  1. “We slept after eating the food and watching the movie.”

With ellipses, see the way it comes out below:

  1. “We slept after…watching the match.”


The ellipsis can also be used to express suspense, hesitation, change of mood, etc.


  1. I don’t know…. ermm.

Here is an example of an ellipses used in a sentence:

  1. This post would help, you, your friends and….
  2. Mikel, John and ….


A notable mistake made while using ellipsis is putting more than three dots (……..).


The right way; three dots: (…) and four dots (….) when it ends a sentence.

You can leave a space among the dots or place them without it; all depends on the style book you are using.


Therefore, ensure you put three dots (…), like Messi, Suarez and … in your post next time.

Emmanuel Egobiambu

Emmanuel Egobiambu is a creative writer, blogger and media personnel. I love sharing information about education here. I have been published in several media outlets like, Guardian,, Premium Times, among others. Presently, I'm working with Concise News, a fledgling digital media outlet in Nigeria's Lagos commercial capital.

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