For one reason or the other, many students in Nigeria are eager to do Jamb  change of course/institution.

This is due to the belief that they will be admitted into their various choice of institutions with their low scores in JAMB.

In this article, I want you to note the DANGER in being part for this people.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Jamb Change Of Course/Institution:

1. It is JAMB’s Medium of extorting money from students: It is not a new thing to hear that students who applied for change of course are never admitted (check No 2).

2. Changes May Not Reflect: One of the most important reason why you should stay away from “the so called CHANGE OF COURSE ” is that many at times, the changes do not reflect.

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3. Waste of Money: It may be a waste of money if you apply and still never get admitted.

4. Waste of Time: All the time you invested in the process becomes waste if you are not admitted, remember , time waits for no-Man – You can still do other things with your time.

5. Have asked question before going into this process? Are you not aware that almost 70% of students that applied for change of Institution last year were not admitted (If am right)?


I understand that your JAMB score does not meet the requirements provided by your preferred course/Institution. Perhaps, you may consider going to polytechnic or college of education.

Ensure you are well-aware of the intricacies involved before going ahead with the Jamb change of course/institution.


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