How to Use Quotation Marks (2)

In the previous part of the teaching, you saw how you can use quotation marks. You’d get the remaining part in this post.


  1. Use it to Indicate titles of books, movies, artworks, etc

Subject to the style book you are using, quotation marks are used to identify the title of a book, or other artworks.


An alternative to this is to italicize the title.



  1. Sunday Chukwu is the brain behind “21st Century.”
  2. You can use it to distance yourself from a word:


This is usually when you don’t trust the credibility of the word(s) and to also signify that you’re using the word(s) in an unusual way.



  1. The minister said that Nigeria is out of “recession.”
  2. Don’t think you can “Trump” me to this post, George.
  3. He is a “professor” indeed!


  1. To translate a word, instead of using parentheses

This is for foreign words –French, Yoruba; Spanish etc.


  1. Innocent greeted the potter, domo, “well done!”


  1. For Nicknames and measurements


Also, you can use quotation marks to mark off someone’s special name –in the middle –as well as for measurements.


  1. Cosmos “Cabal” Obi


So, that’s it for quotation marks and I trust that you’ve after these lessons; you’d mastered how to you it as a pro!

If you missed the first part, you can get it here!

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