JAMB Mock Exam 2018 date is February 26, and it would hold  across various centers in the country. According to reports, over 24m candidates will sit for the  2018 JAMB Mock exams, despite strike by the universities across the nation.

And since the announcement of the 2018 JAMB Mock Exam date, there have been so many questions about it and so, in this post, I’ll give answers to those posers.

  • Is JAMB Mock Exam 2018 mandatory?

The simple answer is no! The JAMB Mock Exam centers will only take those who signified interest.

  • What is JAMB Mock Exam 2018 for?

Contrary to believe, the JAMB Mock Exam questions are meant to give you an idea of what the JAMB 2018 CBT looks like and nothing more.

  • Also, sitting for the JAMB Mock Exam 2018 is not a requirement for writing the main JAMB 2018 Exam.
  • The JAMB Mock Exam result will not be added to your score for the main 2018 JAMB exam result.
  • JAMB Mock Exam questions 2018 are not necessarily the JAMB questions for the main exam.
  • And if you showed interest in taking the JAMB Mock Exam 2018 but later reversed your decision, JAMB will not also penalize you for doing that. You will still write the main 2018 JAMB Exam provided you registered for the 2018 JAMB exam.
  • At the each 2018 JAMB Mock center, the exam is billed to start by  7:00am. The JAMB Mock Exam 2018, like most entrance exams, will have different sessions.
  • While at the 2018 JAMB Mock Exam center, you will be expected to keep stuffs like bags, mobile phones, calculators and other electronic items out.
  • There would not be any make up test if you miss the JAMB Mock Exam 2018.
  • All JAMB Mock Exam 2018 candidates are, as usual, meant to be within the state they registered for their 2018 UTME.
  • 2018 JAMB Mock Exam  is absolutely free; so, thrash any reports asking you to pay for JAMB Mock Exam 2018.
  • You are to get to the JAMB Mock Exam center with a copy of your JAMB mock examination slip or printout.
  • Avoid malpractice at the 2018 JAMB Mock Exam centers to jump sanctions.

And lastly, study well before the JAMB Mock Exam 2018 and thus have an idea of what the main JAMB 2018 Exam looks like.

Good luck as you tackle the 2018 JAMB Mock Exam questions! Ciao!

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